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The Futuristic Streetscape

SuperBrand Mall is one of the first modern malls to have been built in Shanghai, and still maintains a reputation for being one of the best. Easily accessible through Line 2, SuperBrand is a great destination to visit for restaurants like Taco Bell (a 2 minute walk away), or Din Taifung.

SuperBrand has many stores, like Toys R Us, Jordan, and Adidas. It’s also home to Tom’s World Arcade, and also a cinema that shows all of the latest films. SuperBrand is not the only mall to offer such a complete package in Shanghai, but its location (especially its proximity to Puxi, and also the subway lines) make it a very convenient and fun way to spend your time with friends.

According to a student conducted survey, around 54% of the students at Concordia would like to go spend visit SuperBrand Mall in their free time.

Go-Karting is a popular, fast-paced, activity among teens. Students can drive their own go-kart in a designated racetrack while supervised by workers who are stationed around the track to help you whenever your go-kart crashes or breaks down.

Located at 579 Tong Yao Road, this go-kart joint is one of the better ones in Shanghai. The cars are reasonably fast, the service and sanitation good. It is a little pricey though, so keep that in mind, as you wouldn’t go for more than 2 ten-minute spins in the karts.

According to a student conducted survey, around 41.5% of the students at Concordia would like to go spend their time Go-Karting.

The Pudong River Bank (aka. Pudong Bund) is widely considered to be inferior to the Puxi Bund because of the lack of impressive skyscrapers to look at on the other side, and also the lack of intricate historical buildings. However, it is much more quiet and peaceful than the hectic Puxi Bund, which is usually full of tourists, even in the off-season. It’s a good place to chill and relax with your friends. There is also a Starbucks on the bund near Super Brand in case you needed some refreshments.

The arcade located on the 6th floor of SuperBrand Mall, Tom's World is a place where people of all ages can come to enjoy the various arcade games at its disposal. From racing games to basketball hoops, the arcade has a wide variety appealing to many others however what's most

The Pudong-Puxi Sightseeing Tunnel is a popular tourist attraction that takes you on a ride through a tunnel from Pudong to Puxi and back, treated along the way by modern and artistic lights.

The Shanghai Aquarium is a short 2-minute walk from super brand, and is a good idea for visiting when you’re done with Lujiazui. Tickets are decently priced, and it is worth a visit sometimes (although the facilities are a bit aged). Again, its proximity to Lujiazui plays a big role for the inclusion of the Aquarium in this list.

IFC Mall has the unique place of being one of the few truly luxurious malls in China. There are a lot of luxury labels like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, which makes it a place that wouldn’t be ideal for students to shop.

However, IFC has one of the best (albeit expensive) cinemas in Shanghai (Palace), as well as restaurants such as Baker & Spice and Liyuan. There are also great dessert shops in the below ground levels, as well as an Apple Store. IFC would be less relevant to Teenagers in Shanghai if not for its close proximity to Super Brand.

According to a student conducted survey, around 56% of the students in Concordia would like to go spend visit IFC Mall in their free time.