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Historic Shanghai

Mr. X is a puzzle/room escape place in Puxi’s Huangpu district. They offer several rooms that are frequently changed and remade. Unlike a lot of other escape room scenarios, Mr. X often involves multiple rooms in each challenge, with puzzles that require physical movement as well as creative problem solving. The set pieces are also very well detailed and fit in with the themes of the room. Pricing is at 120 RMB per hour per person, and it is around 30 minutes by car from school.

According to a student conducted survey, around 72% of the students at Concordia enjoy going to Mr. X.

Jump 360 is a massive, repurposed warehouse space that’s been filled with foam, padding, and lots of trampolines. You pay for hour to go in, and once in you can enjoy the parkour course, try doing flips on the trampolines, or just try to play basketball with trampolines. The price is decent (~70 RMB), with the only downside being that it is a good hour away from the Jinqiao area by car.

The Puxi Bund is known for its iconic Western building that are left over from when Shanghai was a concessional port - buildings like the domed HSBC headquarters and the Peace Hotel are known landmarks around Shanghai that are now inhabited by modern (and pricey) restaurants. However, a walk along the Bund sightseeing platform is always great, as you can see the skyscrapers of Lujiazui from a good angle. The Puxi bund is around 30 minutes by car from school.

According to a student conducted survey, around 71% of the students in Concordia would like to go visit the Bund in their free time.

Nanjing and Huai Hai Road comprises the shopping district of Shanghai. As a rule of thumb, most popular clothing brands that you can find in the United States have a storefront at one, if not both of these roads. Nanjing East Road is a pedestrian road and has its own dedicated subway station, while Huai Hai is further into Puxi, accessible by subway and car. These are great places to go, especially if you have never been to Shanghai before.

Tian Zi Fang is an area in Puxi that is basically a conserved area of older buildings that are crammed together, with barely enough room for foot traffic. These buildings are now occupied by local stores that sell food, trinkets, clothes, and other local products. It’s a nice way to see old Shanghai as it was before the skyscrapers, and is also a great place to grab a bite after dinner. Tian Zi Fang is accessible by subway, and is around 30-40 minutes by car from school or it can be accessed directly from Line 9 at the Dapuqiao stop.

According to a student conducted survey, around 30.5% of the students at Concordia would like to go visit Tian Zi Fang in their free time.