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Ask a Classmate

How was your experience when first arriving at Concordia?

A Concordia student of 7 years recalls that, when she first arrived, she was “a little nervous about having to start all over again and meet new people, especially because I was moving from a British to an American school and wasn’t sure how big the changes would be.”

However, she realized that need not worry too much about it as she “quickly made some close friends.” Fortunately in her case, “half of them [her friends] were new” and that she had “just joined last year and we bonded over that amongst other things”. Although not everyone she came across was pleasant, “but in terms of relationships, I [she] had a relatively smooth beginning at Concordia.”

Do you think Ambassadors is a good opportunity to make new friends?

A fellow classmate who also studied at Concordia for a total 7 years describes the meaning of an Ambassador in high school. She explains that being an Ambassador is an opportunity to meet new people, and not necessarily a chance to meet your lifelong friend. Ambassadors may be able to become friends with their buddies that they are assigned with, “but in my [her] experience, it helps you become more acquainted with people.”

How did you get involved [with the people at Concordia]?

A freshman student has been at Concordia since the beginning of August, 2017. Her first look at our community came when she “first shadowed another student from the same grade during a visit to Shanghai.” Shadowing is a common way to help new and prospective students overcome anxiety about relocation. Furthermore, she recalls that she was able to adapt to the school environment easily as she “began talking with another student at Concordia through a friend, since her friend used to go to Dulwich Beijing when we were younger”.