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Classes at Concordia

Concordia high school provides a variety of courses for the students to choose. As each student has their own particular interests, courses are offered in different categories ranging from mathematics to the performing arts. Our school provides students an abundance of freedom in choosing their courses, (excluding mandatory courses that are required depending on grade level). Although some mandatory courses may come off as unwarranted to some students, our school makes sure that they are applicable to a students’ future by providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

According to a recent survey we've conducted, a large majority of Concordia students seem to enjoy the courses they take, and even mentioned that the required courses can play a huge part in their success throughout their high school years. Concordia High School Counselor, Lamonda Louis states that as students become Juniors, they get more choices for the courses they can take, and this can motivate students. The first 2 years of high school the schedules are somewhat set for the students and they don’t have a full range of choice. Students should keep in mind, however, that as they become juniors they will get more choices and will be able to target specific interests.

Courses provided by Concordia show tremendous support in heightening student motivation through the rights to choose their own course to pursue their passion, which leads to higher scores and better college choices. Another counselor, Ben Compton also recommended that choosing a course that is the right level is the most helpful, since courses that are too hard or courses that a student is not interested in can be demotivating.

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