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Overseas Expat Faculty Benefits

Overseas expatriate faculty are those who are recruited from abroad by the school, specifically to work at Concordia.

  1. The school pays the Chinese individual income taxes for the listed cash compensation. The Teacher is responsible for his/her home country tax liabilities.
  2. Retirement plan: 10% of salary paid as cash payment or LCMS plan, if currently enrolled.
  3. Worldwide medical insurance
  4. Laptop computer assigned to each teacher for their use and an iPad is available when needed by the curriculum
  5. Housing
  6. Annual airline passage allowance in support of home leave
  7. Leave allowances: including sick, personal, end of contract, childbirth/adoption, and compassionate
  8. Early resignation decision allowance
  9. Relocation allowance
  10. Medical evacuation and disability insurance
  11. School tuition at Concordia for teachers’ children for up to three children if both parents are teaching and up to two children for a single teacher or a teacher with a non-teaching spouse. Tuition for additional children above the allowance is discounted 50%. All children must meet admission requirements. Any fees, including but not limited to busing, student trips, and tech equipment, related to enrollment are fully the employee’s responsibility.
  12. College student home visit allowance