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Nut & Allergen Awareness

Nut & Allergen Awareness

Concordia is aware that it is impossible to eliminate all nut products and ingredients that cause allergic reactions where food is served, but we are a “nut-and-allergen awareness” school.

Some of our students have severe and life-threatening food allergies. One of the most common causes of severe allergies is peanuts and nut products. When bringing in baked goods for parties, PSO, or other special occasions for your child, please exclude foods with nuts.

Concordia discourages elementary school students from bringing in snacks that contain nuts. If your child brings in a snack that contains nuts, please have your child inform their teacher. In addition, your child should wash his or her hands after eating. They should not share this item with other students and may be asked to eat away from other students.

Questions regarding Concordia’s food-service program should be directed to or Senior Director of Operations
If your son or daughter has a nut or food allergy, please inform the Health Office and homeroom teacher. You will be asked to fill out a treatment plan with the Health Office for your child’s particular allergy in the event an allergic reaction occurs. You are responsible for providing an Epi-pen to the Health Office for your child’s use if indicated in the plan, and keeping the Health Office informed of any changes to the treatment plan.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Health Office. We are happy to provide and gather any information to help serve the students at Concordia.