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Local Expat Faculty Benefits

Local Expat Faculty Benefits

Local expatriate faculty are those already residing in Shanghai holding a foreign passport. Their decision for coming to Shanghai may have been to accompany a spouse or partner who came to work in Shanghai, or any other circumstance that would cause him or her to be in Shanghai prior to the hiring process.

Exception: Teachers who are employed at another international school within Shanghai and are receiving an overseas hire package may receive an overseas contract with Concordia. The teacher’s present employer must verify in writing that the teacher is currently receiving an overseas hire package, as per benefits noted in the overseas hire list of benefits, and acknowledge that the teacher is free to consider a contract with Concordia.

Applications are received throughout the year. Please state you are a local expatriate when sending us your application.

  1. The school pays the Chinese individual income taxes for the listed cash compensation. The Teacher is responsible for his/her home country tax liabilities.
  2. Retention bonus: 10% of salary paid in the second year of employment on both year's earnings.
  3. Worldwide medical insurance (if not already covered)
  4. Laptop computer assigned to each teacher for their use and an iPad is available when needed by the curriculum
  5. Leave allowances: including sick, personal, end of contract, childbirth/adoption, and compassionate
  6. Early resignation decision allowance
  7. Long and short term disability insurance
  8. School tuition at Concordia for teachers’ child (if not covered through spouse's contract.) All children must meet admission requirements. Any fees, including but not limited to busing, student trips, and tech equipment, related to enrollment are fully the employee’s responsibility.