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Quarantine for Domestic Travelers and Inbound Travelers

Quarantine for Domestic Travelers and Inbound Travelers

In support of government guidelines, Concordia International School Shanghai follows all government requirements and restrictions, which are intended to keep our communities and our students safe.

Click HERE to see the most current policy about Domestic travelers.
Click HERE to see the most current policy about Inbound travelers.


The current travel regulations are as follows: 

  • All students and employees should not travel outside of Shanghai, unless for essential reasons such as returning to hometown to visit family or essential business travel to low-risk areas. Family vacations are not considered essential.  
  • Families who leave Shanghai for the above essential travel reasons will be required to follow a government mandated centralized or home quarantine and take NAT tests if the risk level of the travel destination changes to medium or high-risk. This may impact your child’s ability to attend school.  

For parent or family members traveling: Some areas of China and many countries are designated as medium or high-risk by the Chinese government. To prevent the virus spreading from these areas to Shanghai and schools, the government authorities has set guideline procedures in certain scenarios for schools to follow. If a co-habitant in the family travels to a “government stated critical area” for work or pleasure, the co-habitant will be required to follow a quarantine period in a government provided location or at home and take two NAT tests. If a student comes in contact with that co-habitant before their quarantine period is complete, the student(s) in that family must fulfill a quarantine/health observation period and take an NAT test before applying to return to campus. The list of “critical areas” may change based on the government definition, so please submit your health and travel form to the school with your updated travel status regularly. We will talk with each family individually when there is a conflict.