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Concordia Students Share Success at ACAMIS Tech Conference

Concordia Students Share Success at ACAMIS Tech Conference

What are the cornerstones of an ambitious program? First, start small; second, think big and don’t be afraid of failure; and last but not least, think beyond your local community! These are shared by two students from our school, Shreyas S. and Marcus C. (Class of ’25), who recently presented at the ACAMIS Technology Conference as keynote speakers, talking about their journey in drones and the creation of their successful club, Phoenix Squadron. The club, which is interdisciplinary and includes students of all skill levels, has accomplished a wide range of work from research and development to drone swarms. 

(Shreyas and Marcus’s presentation video “Empowering Through Passion, Enthusiasm and Drones: Phoenix Squadron”)

Hosted by the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) and BSB Shunyi, the conference brought together technology directors, teachers, school leaders and IT managers from across China for a weekend of learning and sharing in person, first time in several years since the pandemics.

Shreyas and Marcus put in a significant amount of work to prepare for the conference, and their presentation was a resounding success. They shared their passion for drones and the hard work that goes into their club’s achievements.

“We were excited to share our experience with the attendees and inspire them to pursue their passions,” said Marcus.

During their presentation, the duo also took a moment to express their gratitude towards their mentor, Dr. Peter Tong. “We couldn’t have done this without Dr. Tong’s support, guidance, and mentorship throughout our journey,” said Shreyas. “He has gone above and beyond to help us grow and has put in countless hours to ensure our success,” added Marcus.

Dr. Tong, Concordia High School math teacher, has been instrumental in helping the Phoenix Squadron club grow and achieve its goals. His dedication and support have been invaluable to the students, and they are thankful for the opportunity to work with him.

Shreyas and Marcus’s dedication and passion for their work have brought them great success, and their presentation at the ACAMIS Technology Conference was a testament to their hard work. We are proud to have students like them representing our school and look forward to seeing their future accomplishments.