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At Concordia, we believe that a student’s appearance has an impact on his/her attitudes and behaviors. Respect for the school community, the education process, and the students themselves is, to a degree, shown by the students’ attire. Our uniform policy helps maintain a sense of modesty and equality while educating students about what is appropriate dress for the time and place.

Elementary School

Elementary school students wear navy bottoms with uniform shirts.

Middle School

From middle school, students can add khaki bottoms and approved Phoenix shop spirit wear to their uniform.

High School

On Fridays, high school students supplement their uniforms with any Concordia shirt from athletics to robotics!

General Information

Please preview our Uniform Policy English and Chinese (PDF)



The uniform shop is located in the basement of the high school building (H015G).

Shop Hours

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. If you are unable to stop by the shop during these times, please contact uniforms@concordiashanghai.org to make other arrangements.

Payment Methods

RMB is the only accepted form of payment. Fapiaos (official receipts) are available only upon request and take approximately 2 weeks to process. You will be informed via email when your fapiao is ready for pick up. Fapiaos can be picked up at the High School Main Reception Desk.

Please note

The Phoenix Shop is a parent-run spirit store that is located on the second floor of the Phoenix Commons and is separate from the school Uniform Shop.


Size Chart

General Guidelines

  • The uniform shop’s sizing chart is consistent with Lands’ End sizing for regular fit.
  • For slim sizing, measure your child’s waist and check size for uniform shop. In general, it should be one size smaller than your would normally purchase.

Slim Sizing Example

  • In the U.S., if you would normally purchase an 8 SLIM, for the uniform shop, you will select a size 6 regular and then provide us your child’s inseam for hemming services.

Elementary School Uniform Sizing Information

Uniform Size 2 4 6 8 10
Waist – Inches 20 21 22 23.5 24.5
Waist – Cent. 53 54 55 60 62

Middle & High School Uniform Sizing Information


Boys Size Inches Cent.
8 23.5 60
10 24.5 62
12 25.5 65
14 26.5 67
16 28 71
L 29 73
XL 30 76
XXL 32 80
Mens Size
34 34 86
36 36 91.5
38 38 96.5
40 40 101.5

Girls Size Inches Cent.
8 23.5 60
10 24.5 62
12 25.5 65
14 26.5 67
16 28 71
Womens Size
2 26-27 66 – 68.5
4 27-28 68.5 – 71
6 28-29 71 – 73.5
8 29-30 73.5 – 76
10 30-31 76 – 78.5
12 31-32 78.5 – 81.5

Price List


“Exchange Only” NO cash or credit refunds

We apologize but we are unable to offer refunds for any uniform items. Please try on garment(s) as soon as possible to ensure proper fit and comfort. Should your uniform not fit properly you will be able to exchange item within 30 days of purchase and only when returned with tags still intact.

  • Ensure original tags have not been removed from the garment. Uniform items must not have been worn/soiled/damaged or laundered except for trying on.
  • Must provide original purchase order (red copies) or receipt.
  • Absolutely no exchanges can be accepted for any reason later than 30 calendar days from the date your order was purchased. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Exchanges are allowed within a given category (uniform tops or uniform bottoms) between color, style, and size.
  • Exchanges are not allowed between categories. For example, you cannot exchange a shirt for a pant.
  • Exchanges are not allowed if the pant has been altered in any way.
  • Fabric purchased for custom tailoring will not be exchanged or refunded.
  • We carefully inspect each item before it is sold but, on occasion, we do miss something. All items damaged will be replaced by like item of same size, style & color within 30 days of purchase. You will need to present your purchase order or receipt.