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ID Cards

Concordia uses a variety of methods to maintain security on campus. When school is in session, anyone entering the campus will be asked to sign in and out.

  • Individuals who are regularly on campus—students, employees, parents, and relatives—may obtain a Concordia Photo ID which can be swiped upon entry and exit at either campus gate.
  • Anyone without a Concordia Photo ID will be asked to surrender a government issued, photo ID in exchange for a Visitors badge at the main campus gate on Mingyue Road
    • The Visitors badge (or approved group Name tag) must be displayed at all times while on campus.
    • When exiting the campus the Visitors badge can be turned in to reclaim the surrendered ID.

Restricting access to the campus enhances the safety of our students, families, staff, and visitors and provides additional information about who is on campus at any given time. ID cards are also used as rechargeable lunch cards and library cards.

Questions? Stop by the Tech Hub (H227 - space shared with the PC Library) or email idcards@concordiashanghai.org.