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Health Office

Keeping children at home

Under certain conditions, we require that you keep your sick child home for their own comfort and for the safety of the community.

Forms & Immunizations

We follow the U.S. Center for Disease control international recommendations for immunizations.

Meet our nurses

Our qualified and caring nurses are available to tend to the occasional cut, bruise and upset tummy during the school day.

Required Forms & Immunization Records

Concordia requires parents to submit two medical forms and a set of immunization records for each student. Please note that a student will not be allowed to attend classes without these health forms on file in the Health Office.

Student Medical Forms-FAQ

Medication Policy, Allergies, & Other Medical Conditions

Keeping Children at Home

The following information is designed to offer guidance regarding when to send your children to school and when to keep them home due to illness. They are meant to benefit your child and the health and well being of the Concordia community. These are also conditions for which your child may be sent home from school.
If you are unsure of which action you should take, please contact your doctor or school nurse at 5899 0380, ext. 1030, 1031 or 1032.

Absence Notification

The information provided is not intended as a substitute for appropriate medical intervention. If your child is kept home from school, please call your school secretary to notify them of the absence.

School Phone Number: 5899-0380
(Dial extension upon hearing the greeting message.)

Contagious Conditions

Any student found to have any of the contagious conditions will be sent home. Parents should notify the Health Office/Nurse’s Station when a student has a contagious condition. Please call: 5899 0380