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Service & Charity

“It was awfully impressive to be part of a school where service, and global responsibility is so deliberately woven into the school’s culture and teachings. It was an absolute pleasure working with such great youth and was thrilled to see just how much, both young and old, were able to bring to our conversations.” Jameson Voisin, Me to We’s Associate Director of Leadership.
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YEP Water Project

The Yunnan Education Project (YEP) is a program dedicated to providing education to impoverished communities as well as to fostering social responsibility with the Concordia student body. YEP was founded by three Concordia students in March 2002.

Giving Tree

Since 2003, Giving Tree has inspired over 110,000 children in need. Providing warm clothing, school supplies, and showing love to children of migrant workers in Shanghai.

Parent Service

Concordia parents rock! Passionate parents make Concordia a community. On any day, parents will be on campus to help in the classroom, attend a cooking class, participate in a parent advisory group, sell Phoenix spirit wear, pop popcorn, lend their expertise to a strategic plan committee or attend a cultural or school-related coffee.

We have a long-standing tradition of student, faculty and parent-led service and charity projects at Concordia. In keeping with our ethos as a school based on Christian values, we have supported many types and levels of service both across the school and in our community. In 2010, Concordia decided that the formation of a Charity Committee at the school would consolidate efforts and provide more focused and meaningful support of a few sponsored charities.

YEP Student Founded Charity

One charity that we have especially close ties to is the Yunnan Education Project (YEP). YEP was founded in 2002 by two Concordia High School students after their Interim trip to the Western province. Beginning with small dinner fundraisers to provide a scholarship for a student in need, the organization has expanded to support not only education, but also fresh water and health projects. Many of our students now travel during Interim to specifically work on these projects and experience firsthand how they can make a difference.

Some High school Interim trips are planned to help promote service opportunities outside our community with students traveling not only to Yunnan, but to orphanages in Xi’an and Shanghai as well. Students, using a service grant from the PSO, bought sewing machines to make blankets for the orphanage they were to visit during their Interim trip. The Concordia Student Athletic Council helped to fund and build a multi-purpose athletic court at Lyuang school in the Philippines and then traveled there with donated equipment to run sports clinics for the kids. Our National Arts Honor Society has created and sold holiday cards to raise money in support of a Tibetan Art project (again, an outgrowth of an Interim trip.)

There are opportunities at every grade level for our children to experience service leadership. Older children in Elementary School read to younger ones in our “book buddy” system. The Girl and Boy Scouts promote service projects led by the children themselves, most recently the Giving Tree project. In Middle and High School the Student Ambassadors help to welcome new students and guests to the school, making everyone feel welcome as soon as they step on campus.

Historical Concordia Sponsored Charities