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Phoenix Friday

Grab some fresh popcorn or a hot dog from the concession stand and join the cheering crowd as you experience a thrilling sports competition, a rousing fight song and some old favorites from the Pep Band.

Concordia school spirit is a powerful thing to see, and Phoenix Fridays are the place to see it.

From young to old, the whole community comes out on Phoenix Fridays to cheer on the teams, and experience the pep band, cheerleaders, and a much anticipated visit from Blaze! The Phoenix Boosters make the evening come alive with a fully stocked concession stand and half-time games and fun for the whole family. Bring the whole family; you won't want to miss these events!

Fight Song

Fight Song

Hear It & Sing Along

Go Phoenix soar on to Vic’try
Valiant champions bold and true

Glory, honor and tradition
For the colors White and Blue
(chant) Rah! Rah! Rah!

Soar swiftly Phoenix
Gliding steadfast up on high
From the North, South, East and the West
Rise Phoenix Rise!

(chant) C…….I…….S……..S………
C-I-S-S, C-I-S-S Go! Phoenix Go!

From the North, South, East and the West
Rise Phoenix Rise!!!

Alma Mater

Praise our cherished home, Far lands we have roamed,
Strong wise, servants lead, Joyful children heed,
Learn in faithful grace, Trust in God’s embrace,
Blazing phoenix soar, Xie He we adore.

Phoenix Fridays

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School Spirit is Alive and Well at Concordia