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For the Grade 8 Unit 1 assessment students had the option to either do an investigation (testing an o-wing with change of length for the front wings or change of length of the fuselage) or an engineering/design project (making a glider to carry cargo safely, go 7 meters, weigh under 5 grams, and land in a 120 cm width landing strip). Students then tested their designs to find out which O-wing is the best, which fuselage size is the best, and if their glider will meet the criteria. Mr. Thomas added a little incentive to Raymond's test by adding a criteria to try to hit him with the glider (needless to say, Raymond's glider was not accurate enough to hit Mr. Thomas- Raymond lost his chance!). The assessments are due this week and I look forward to seeing the results of which O-wing glider flies the best and which glider design meets all of the criteria. Please feel free to ask your child about the assessment and what was discovered.

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