Concordia Students Sit Down with Jordan Hattar to Discuss Plight of Syrian Refugees

During the latter week of January 2019, the high school Applied Storytelling Agency course welcomed director and co-founder of Help4Refugees, Jordan Hattar! Having previously shared his passion on behalf of the Syrian Refugee crisis during the Youth Global Leadership Summit earlier this fall, Jordan was eager to reconnect with middle and high school CISS changemakers!

Jordan jump started the week with extended empathy interviews conducted by the Applied Storytelling Agency class, in which student writers learned more about Help4SyrianRefugees, the nature of their work in various Jordanian refugee camps, and Skyped with a young Syrian refugee currently navigating cultural assimilation into Jordan. Needless to say, these sessions were incredibly impactful and humbling, learning about the first-hand struggle of beginning anew in the most challenging of circumstances.

Jordan shared compelling stories of service in action and the power of relationship with the high school student body during a division wide assembly. Students were invigorated by Jordan’s tenacious spirit and commitment to excellence, especially in securing a White House internship under Michele Obama’s leadership.

Lastly, Jordan visited Zach Wiegman’s 8th grade Leadership Service class to discuss the status of sustainable development projects initially ideated at the Hong Kong International School Service Summit earlier this fall.

Certainly, the rich exchange between Jordan, our students, and the CISS faculty proved both enlightening and inspiring. Applied Storytelling Agency student Ashley T. stated “Jordan really opened my eyes! I didn't realize how lucky I am to have so many basic necessities provided. His interview has also inspired me to spread awareness amongst other students on behalf of the refugee crisis worldwide.”

Dagne Furth reflected “There is no better way to learn, than to experience something first hand. Due to the Concordia Fund’s generous donations, my students were afforded an opportunity to be deeply touched by Jordan’s enthusiastic presence and commitment to serve. By intentionally investing in relationships such as these and by continuing to provide invigorating experiences for educational, personal, and spiritual growth, our students will undoubtedly become the changemakers we so desperately need.”

In the spirit of fostering authentic relationships and meaningful service, Dagne and Jordan are currently planning a high school service exploration to the Syrian refugee camps in northern Jordan spring of 2020! Details to follow this fall.

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