Concordia Gives

Individuals and families who give to the Concordia Fund become Concordia’s next generation of founders, raising the Concordia experience from excellent to exceptional.


In support of additional experiences where students are most impacted and where their deepest and longest lasting relationships are formed


In support of student-centered service programs and initiatives that benefit the community, China and the entire world.

Twenty years ago, a group of people generously gave to found Concordia International School Shanghai. These founders envisioned a top academic school with a warm community where teachers would care for each student’s growth and whole person. In the fall of 2018, in celebration of twenty years of education, Concordia is launching the Concordia Fund.

Individuals and families who give to the Concordia Fund become Concordia’s next generation of founders, raising the Concordia experience from excellent to exceptional. Contributions to the Concordia Fund will enable school leaders to strengthen existing programs and establish new programs beyond what tuition alone can fund. The Concordia Fund will support two important areas for the holistic growth of our students: enrichment and outreach.

You choose whether your contribution supports enrichment or outreach. Below are examples of how your gift can make a difference.


250,000 RMB can provide...

250,000 RMB can provide a new state-of-the-art scoreboard to complete our world class turf field.

100,000 RMB can enhance...

100,000 RMB can enhance our Concordia Presents Leadership Speaker Series, bringing innovative and entrepreneurial leaders to inspire students as they discover and pursue their passions.

25,000 RMB can support...

As an example, 25,000 RMB can support middle school student musicians as they gain valuable performance experience beyond Concordia.

5,000 RMB can provide...

5,000 RMB can provide treats for a year of early childhood parent/child interactions on special occasions.


250,000 RMB can sponsor...

250,000 RMB can sponsor 30 Concordia employees to support poverty-alleviation projects in rural China.

100,000 RMB can enable...

100,000 RMB can enable our students to bring fresh water to a village in rural China through our student founded charity YEP, in partnership with Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation (CWEF).

25,000 RMB can launch...

25,000 RMB can launch a service learning initiative within a division, such as the One Hen unit in the elementary school.

5,000 RMB can send...

5,000 RMB can send an entire grade level out to serve in Shanghai.

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As a Concordia community member, you understand the impact that our school can have on a young life. To honor the many ways that a Concordia education touches the lives of our community, we are launching the Concordia Fund. Gifts to the Concordia Fund support up-to date spaces and programs including co-curricular activities and world-famous authors and speakers that lift our children’s educational experience from excellent to exceptional, as well as outreach experiences that develop in our student’s hearts a compassion and a passion to serve. Donations to the Concordia Fund are accepted any time within this academic year. Every gift is important and every gift counts. Won’t you consider pledging your support with a gift to the Concordia Fund today?

Dr. Mary K. Scott
Head of School