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The Concordia Concierge is here to help you and your family transition into living in Shanghai

Moving to a city as dynamic as Shanghai may prove challenging, but as soon as you've settled down and gathered your bearings you'll begin to live in one of the most exciting cities in China. For those who are thinking about living in Shanghai, our Concierge page is here to serve as a resource to make the transition easier. Below are the answers to the most popular questions we've received from the parents and surrounding communities of our school.

Moving to Shanghai is going to be an exciting and life-changing experience, not only for what the city and China have to offer, but also for what all of Asia has to offer. It will also mean annual trips home to see friends and family and dealing with the jet lag that comes with trans oceanic travel. 

For seasoned expats that have moved from one assignment to the next, transitions become a way of life. While it may not seem like it to the uninitiated relocating for the first time, there is a method to the madness of moving your life around the world.

While it is estimated that approximately 100 million Chinese are fluent in English, that is only about 10% of the population of China and while a fraction of those may be involved in the service or retail industry the vast majority of the people you meet in everyday life will know the word ‘hello’ and little more.

For those with even small amounts entrepreneurial tendencies, moving to China will be fascinating. After that initial fascination wears off a bit and you have a moment to ponder what you are looking at on the street everyday in terms of business, it will change into an intense curiosity about the system and where opportunities may lie. 

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When you arrive in Shanghai you’ll discover an engaging and supportive community to help you adjust to your new home. In the meantime, fill out the question form below and let us provide answers that will help put your mind at ease!

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