AP Literature MISO (Media, Interview, Survey, Observation) Venture

In Pursuit of Knowledge

by Claire, Joy, Ali, Jasmine


Which year was the Belt and Road initiative proposed? 

(Test your own knowledge and see if you know the answer to this question.)

Starting off with this question, our scavenger hunt was successfully launched. 

This year, our AP Literature class explored The Poisonwood Bible, a novel by Barbara Kingsolver set in 20th century Congo. From studying this text and conducting more research, we learned about colonialism in Africa as well as current relations between African nations and investor nations. Then our group (Claire C., Jasmine H., Joy X., and Allison Z., created a central question for our research regarding the African perspective about these development issues. 

Our research was conducted using several different methods: media, interview, survey, and observation. We first used media to research historical facts and general information in order to deepen our understanding of the current situation. With that knowledge, we were able to create interview questions for multiple individuals ranging from a professor who specializes in African relations, a Concordia teacher who used to live in Kenya, a South African student, and a co-founder of the China Africa Research Project. To learn how much our community was aware of current development projects in several African nations, we also sent a survey to high school students. Ninety-three per cent of the students who completed the survey said that, yes, they would like to know more.




Hidden QR codes and trivia questions led participants in the school community on a competitive journey of learning about current development challenges in some African countries.

While brainstorming ways to educate our community, we thought that a GooseChase scavenger hunt would be an interactive and engaging activity for the entire high school body to become educated on Africa. As an incentive for the scavenger hunt, we reached out to Mrs. Mendes and Mr. Chowning to award the winners of the scavenger hunt a free dress day.

From November 27th to December 6th, high school students searched for hidden QR codes in the PC Lounge and scoured the internet for the answers to our proposed questions. The competition was between underclassmen and upperclassmen, and the upperclass team won the challenge. Our scavenger hunt had a wide range of questions; some questions were about historical or geographical aspects of Africa, while others asked students to respond to specific content by doing something creative (for instance, writing a poem about an African landscape). 

Sebastien S., a senior at Concordia who participated in the scavenger hunt, learned about new perspectives through the GooseChase scavenger hunt. “The scavenger hunt got me interested to read a few of the articles because I was motivated to complete tasks,” Sebastien reflects. 

We hope the scavenger hunt was able to build some awareness in our student body about the diverse continent of Africa.


Jasmine, Ali, Joy and Claire are senior students taking AP Literature & Composition at Concordia International School Shanghai.