C. Through the Lens: Images that Define the Concordia Way



Hearts Are Aglow with Christmas Cheer

A live nativity scene, a talented choir and other assorted musical performers gathered in front of Concordia's stunning tree to celebrate the Christmas season. 

Festive Season Fun

The PSO Christmas Bazaar, Concordia's annual tradition, continues to bring joy through community connection. (image: Henie Z., Student Media Services)

Homecoming Fun Keeps Spirits High

As the entire high school student body gathered on the field for the Homecoming 2020 assembly, evidence of our pride and purpose was everywhere. (Image: Alisa Z., SMS United Herald)

Full of School Spirit

The recent Pep Rally focused Concordia school spirit on a Phoenix Friday of epic proportions. (image: Claire C., Concordia Applied Journalism) See a larger gallery of images here.

Community Collaboration

High School photography students, including Calvin O., coached 3rd Grade students in effective photography strategies recently.

Artful Athletics

Concordia's APAC Dance team gave their High School peers a preview of the performance they'll be part of this weekend. (image: Claire C., Concordia Applied Journalism)


The Eagles worked hard to defend against this intense Phoenix drive. (image: Claire C., Concordia Applied Journalism)

Cheer is Here!

Phoenix Friday excitement kicks up a level when the Cheer team is on the scene. (image: Alice C., Concordia Applied Journalism)

Wild Fans of Phoenix Friday

As a counterpoint to the cerebral energy of the ACAMIS conference, volleyball fans took their support to a whole new level at Phoenix Friday. (image: Anita F., Concordia Applied Journalism)

A Moment of Connection

Students and teachers enjoyed some quality interaction time as part of the ACAMIS Annual Conference that was hosted at Concordia this past week. (image: Rachel D., Concordia Applied Journalism)

Fellowship of the Fire

Students experience the fellowship of the fire on a recent TriBes venture, Sichuan Expedition. (image: Brian L., Concordia Applied Journalism)

Food is Love

Bags of popcorn are freshly prepared for students as part of Senior Treats, an undertaking by Concordia's parent community. (image: Isabella L., Concordia Applied Journalism)