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The Kindness Challenge


If you have been through the Elementary School recently, you’ll notice paper chains strung throughout the hallways. These chains are more than decoration; they represent many individual acts of kindness. The Kindness Challenge was conducted by students in Mrs. Koschmeder’s and Mrs. Willison’s first grade classes. “We wanted to do this project to get students to notice acts of kindness happening around them and the feeling it gave them when they helped others,” said Mrs. Koschmeder. Two weeks ago, Mrs. Willison’s class issued the challenge at an Elementary School assembly.










Song credit: “Upside Down” by Jack Johnson


“We teach and try to live out virtues such as kindness in our classrooms every day. Who we are matters. How we treat others matters,” said Mrs. Willison. “We want the students to know that life is about more than just getting good grades. It's about becoming people who will bring beauty and love to those around them, to make the world a better place.”

Last week, Mrs. Koschmeder’s class reported back on the Elementary School’s progress.



Song credit: “One Day” by Matisyahu


Some of the younger students didn’t initially connect that even though the project was complete, they needed to make kindness a life-long habit. “We had a class talk and discussed that the kindness challenge is never really over.  It is a lifelong challenge,” Mrs. Koschmeder said. “The paper chain will not last forever, but that raised awareness of kindness and the feeling in their heart very well may.”