The Importance of an Early Start


High School vs. College

By Michael J.

            Concordia high school students, especially upperclassmen, are currently facing a great deal of stress due to college–whether it is the application process for seniors or securing a good GPA and expanding extracurriculars in their critical year for juniors. The stress of ED (Early Decision) results is on the minds of all Concordia seniors at the moment, as they do not know if they will be celebrating with joy or be depressed in December. 

            John Heo, a senior who is reaching high for his early decisions, stressed that “college apps can be completed over a longer span of time, and it is wiser for seniors to start them in the summer so you have more time to do them, and so you don’t have to cram them. It is better for seniors to start early and take care of their health more.” John is a healthy student, who is getting a solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Compared to other seniors, he is certainly getting above-average sleep time. However, when asked if he expects his sleep hours to decrease during basketball season, John said “I think it definitely affects my sleep, because after practice I come back home tired, and I have to do homework. As I’m tired, it also takes longer to do my homework, so that will make my sleep shorter, but it’s a dedication.” John also reflects that he thinks seniors getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night is a realistic and healthy amount. 

            Concordia senior Quentin Krause reflected that  “I have like 2 to 3 tests every week, and major projects coming up. So this is definitely a stressful time.” He rated the stress of college application as an 8 or a 9 out of 10. When asked to justify his rating, he stressed that “it’s probably my bad, cause I tend to procrastinate.” This statement relates to exactly what John said, as John also pointed out that procrastination might lead to a great deal of stress, as he suggests seniors to start early. Quentin states that he struggled a lot with the process of his applications because he often procrastinated. Along with the stress of schoolwork and life, it was really hard to manage the college apps. He stressed that “future seniors should really not procrastinate their college applications, and work on it over the summer.”

    Senior Dean Park is someone who managed his time well and started his applications early in the summer. As a result, he has a lot less stress and a lot more free time during application season. When asked for his tips to the future applicants, he also agreed with John and Quentin on starting early, and said “it’s not like the school will not give you any work if you’re a senior, and you have to apply for college. So it’s better if you start things during summer break so you can focus on school, then you will almost be done with college because you can just submit the essays you’ve worked on before.”

            These three seniors, each with different strategies and ambitions, unanimously agreed on the importance of an early start. As a result, I hope that if you are a future applicant reading this article, you are able to take away this key tip. Finally, I hope that all current and rising seniors get into a college that perfectly fits them. 

AL Journalist Michael J.