Press for the Best: Living the Philosophy of Basketball

Feature by Nic H., Concordia Applied Journalism

Have you ever heard a more beautiful sound than the “swish” that a basketball makes as it passes through the hoop? Or perhaps the shouts of encouragement from your teammates when you score an “And-1”? Bonding through sports is one of the most significant interactions in high school, and this is evident in our tight-knit community at Concordia.


One among many popular sports at Concordia is basketball. Every year, the Concordia basketball program takes the spotlight, and many students at our school fill the stands to cheer for our beloved teams.


     Varsity Girls Basketball captain Isabel C. maintains an outlook that           considers both development and excellence to be worthy goals.

However, the innumerable hardships that the basketball teams face before these crucial games are tough on the players, both mentally and physically.


Isabel C. is no exception.


As a dedicated player for the past four years at the varsity level – and now as team captain - she strives to push her crew to become the best they can be.


“What excites me most about basketball is being with my team,” says Isabel. As most athletes know, the bond with the team is strengthened through adversity. Being at the varsity level means an immense level of pressure from the coaches and the crowds at our school.


For Isabel, her journey is bigger than just playing basketball on the court. Even since she was a freshman, she’s played for the varsity team and was recently honored with the captain's position. Her progression from a regular player to now an essential catalyst to the team’s chemistry is definitely something she is proud of.


 “I think obviously we want to win,” she says ahead of a recent game, “but also we want to really work on breaking the press,”. The press – otherwise known as full court defense – is something that a basketball team deploys when they want to have a distinct advantage over the other team. Though it sounds daunting for the players, Isabel adds, “we’re in pretty good shape, and we’re definitely mentally ready for today’s game”.


For the most part, basketball is about dedicating time and effort to the sport and practicing. But those bonds that players form create memories that will ultimately last forever. Above all, Isabel says that she treasures her relationships with her teammates. “I really hope that we can do more a lot more activities together,” she says.


Over her many years, Isabel had to say her farewells to many players graduating from Concordia, and now her own final season has arrived. As a senior, she hopes to cherish every little moment with people that she may never see again.


Sentimentality aside, Isabel’s passion for the sport is unwavering. For her, basketball endures as the ultimate activity. “It’s such a stress reliever”, she says. “At the end of the day, I can take out all of my energy in playing a sport.”

Nic H. is a student of Concordia Applied Journalism.