Exploring Mr. Doering's Legacy

Video and Written Feature by Katia B., Concordia Applied Journalism


Teamwork. Dedication. Family. These are just a few of the qualities that theater teacher and director Mr. Doering has imparted to his students throughout the years. With this being his 14th and final year here at Concordia International School, students and staff alike are reflecting on the legacy of this important teacher.


“Mr. Doering taught me what it meant to be truly passionate about something I love through watching his never-ending dedication to our theater program,” said current junior and thespian Ellie W. “Mr. Doering has a unique approach to working with us, encouraging us to grow alongside him and being there not just as a mentor but as a friend.”


Despite some student resistance to the idea of long rehearsal hours and line memorization, Mr. Doering found ways to make this process exciting. He dedicated himself towards creating a healthy learning environment that motivated and encouraged thespians every step of the way. Whether it be imparting the joy of learning, promoting the idea of always being on time, or perhaps even memorizing those lines, he is always with there with words of encouragement for his students


Family and friends celebrate the contributions of Mr. Doering during his 14 years at Concordia.

“Mr. Doering has taught me about being attentive to detail and making sure that we complete tasks to the best of our ability,” reflects student Bennett T. “Mr. Doering is very passionate about what he does, and his thoughtfulness about each and every detail ultimately elevates the shows that he directs”.


What is often overlooked, however, is the behind-the-scenes work that is invested into every production. Stage manager Allison C. explains, “Mr. Doering spends so much time, past 5:30, past school hours, just working on our show and working for our set- but ultimately it isn’t for him, because it is always for us”.


“l think of how he would always bring people together through

    Mr Doering directs one of the epic
    productions that he's become known for.

theater and entertainment,” said Kylie B. “He showed the audience we are a family and we work together and the bonds we create in the theatre are as strong as they are due to the enjoinment he has built for us.”


With students coming and going over the span of 14 years, Mr. Doering has stayed constant within our community, continuously supporting teachers, students, and audiences who yearn to watch incredible theatre productions. It is clear to see that Mr. Doering will be leaving behind a legacy that will be a tough act to follow.



Katia B. is a Student of Concordia Applied Journalism