A Fond Farewell to Mrs. Klar

Video and Written Feature by Allison C., Concordia Applied Journalism


This year, as is the case in international education, the Concordia community parts way with several members of the faculty and the student body. The high school counseling department is particularly preparing to say goodbye to Mrs. Klar. She has been working closely with teachers and students at Concordia for the past three years.


She is returning to the state of Idaho in the United States and looks forward to spending more time with her family.


Mrs. Klar recalls among her first impressions of Concordia how students dropped by to introduce themselves and greet her during her first few days.


Mrs. Klar has called Shanghai her home since August of 2018.

“That made a really huge impression on me,” she explains. “I’ve really gotten to know the students and their families closely. This is a smaller school than what I’ve worked at before, so I’ve had more time to spend with students.”


“Our time in China has been short,” Mrs. Klar reflects, “but people have been extremely welcoming – not just the kids but their parents, and fellow teachers.”


Mrs. Klar’s message to the community is simple: “I just want to say ‘thank you,’” she says. “You all made the transition here really easy, and I think we’ll miss the community here.”

Allison C. is a student of Concordia Applied Journalism.