Beyond Business: The Case for Getting Involved in Social Entrepreneurship

Beyond Business: The Case for Getting Involved in Social Entrepreneurship


by Melissa T., Concordia Applied Journalism


Mrs. Love talking about one of the business challenges students were
facing. (image: Melissa T., Concordia Applied Journalism)

A truly rich high school experience involves branching out to discover passions and interests. Concordia students have a diverse list of course offerings to test these interests and pursue these passions. Social Entrepreneurship offers junior and senior students a chance to pursue business by challenging them to think of creative solutions while also making an impact for farmers in Yunnan.

As a student led company, Third Culture Coffee offers students a chance to be responsible for managing company activities from class to class. All aspects - from delivering coffee to accounting – is considered as bringing sustainable benefit to farmers in Yunnan is the goal.

 Talking about why she decided to take Social Entrepreneurship in the first place, student Alexia A. says, “I took this class because I heard that it was a more hands-on and an inside look of business.” She adds, “I found the business challenges interesting and the idea that a large portion of the class was running the business Third Culture Coffee.”



An Investor named Josh teaches us the basics of business. (image:
Melissa T., Concordia Applied Journalism)

The value in taking a business-focused class extends to all students, not just those with business in their future, says Alexia. The course “develops critical thinking and causes you to come up with ideas and solutions that are way out of the box.”

In the context of this unique Concordia course, business challenges present opportunities for students to apply what they learn in class to a real world problem. Stakeholders are compelled to help create and validate possible solutions for Third Culture Coffee or other outside businesses.






As this school year approaches its close Alexia looks back with appreciation for she has gained during her year taking Social Entrepreneurship. “I have gained experience with real life issues that companies may endure. I also gained a lot of presentation skills from all of the presentations we do in front of not only classmates but faculty and visitors.”

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