There is No Stopping- Stepping Foot Outside of Shanghai for the First Time in Three Years

There is No Stopping- Stepping Foot Outside of Shanghai for the First Time in Three Years

Effort, Trust, and Care.” The three words that were constantly repeated to us before meets, in the beginning of each practice, and imprinted on everyone's uniforms. As we stepped foot on the TAS campus, the feeling of unfamiliarity intimidated us. We were the first team to arrive, and as we watched each team walk onto the track, we said to ourselves. “Oh wow, they’re cracked.” Or in other words, dang, they look really athletic. And we were undoubtedly right-- each athlete looked like they could lap me in a 400 meter race. However, there was no stopping us from trying our best; I don’t think we ever ran those two warm up laps that fast.


Finally, the meet starts. From the corner of my eye, I see our teammates. Although stressed, were concentrated, putting in their maximum effort into each warmup. Each stride. Each hurdle. Each leap. Our events can be summarized into three words- Blood, Sweat, and Tears. The blood from our scratched skin, the sweat off our brows as we cross the finish line, the tears of happiness after getting PRs despite the pressure. We’ve done it as a team, We’ve made it. The times we stalked TAS’ page and cheered happily after realizing the best people had graduated. The times we threw a discus so hard it broke a window. The times we fell onto our track exhausted, staining our clothes and body blue. The times we’ve lost our voices cheering for our teammates. It was all worth it.

So, what did those three words mean? Effort- put in more work than you are willing to. Run the extra lap. Push through the last 100 meters. Trust- believe in yourself and what you have worked for. Remember the hours you worked for this goal. Care- devote thought to your teammates needs. Remember that they are the ones who’ve supported you through this journey. After three years of quarantine, our team has finally crossed the fine borders of Shanghai, marking the start of a new beginning for our athletic program. And, there is no stopping us now.

Written by

Fiona Grade 9