Concordia Baseball Team Aims to Make History at APAC Tournament Next Year!

Concordia Baseball Team Aims to Make History at APAC Tournament Next Year!

Can the Concordia baseball team dominate the APAC tournament next year?


APAC tournament is an extra-curricular tournament for sports and performing arts participated in by 12 International Schools from 6 different countries in the Asia-Pacific area. The APAC tournament hadn’t opened for three years due to the Covid-19 restrictions and the effects, however, after the three years, the effects of the Covid-19 have mitigated globally, and the APAC tournament has reopened, and the season 3 sports players get their first chances in three years to participate the APAC tournament. As the APAC tournament tradition has successfully begun after the three years of Covid pandemic, the season 1 sports players have started to anticipate for the APAC tournament that will be held in different countries in Asia- Pacific area.

Among the season 1 sports, the most anticipated sport is the baseball as the baseball team has well prepared and disciplined during the three years of pandemic for the APAC tournament that will be held next year.

Even though season 1 is the shortest season in Concordia, the baseball team regularly practices thrice a week in order to be prepared to perform and win in every tournament. The pitchers have opportunities to practice their pitching skills, along with the catchers to improve both teamwork and control, allowing for improvements in the skill of control (the ability to precisely locate pitches in the strike zones) allows for the pitchers of the Concordia team to be confident in their skill sets, letting them fully make use of their skills to dominate the tournaments in season 1.

However, the first game of 2022 season 1 was shocking as the Concordia baseball team lost by 11:3 against the rival SAS Pudong varsity team. The pitchers were not able to apply their improved control skills in the game and allowed the opponent to hit and score. The first main pitcher of the Concordia Baseball team Doyun Kim remarked “it was the most shocking game I have ever had. I am so disappointed to myself” and motivated to practice and support the team more actively. This game result precipitated the Baseball team members to practice more effectively to win the next game that would be held in next time. However, due to the Covid restriction, this first game was the last game of the season, and the Baseball players were depressed that they didn’t get the chance to win the game in that season. As their goal of winning the game hasn’t accomplished for a year due to a lot of factors, the players practicing more avidly and effectively to win the game against the rival SAS and even looking for the first place of the APAC tournament. The game the baseball team lost against SAS became the motivation and the players are all waiting for every single game that will be held in next year. Concordia Baseball team have never won the APAC tournament in history. Can the next year Baseball team make it? Can the next year Baseball team make history? The answer of this is dependent upon the player’s sincerity toward the baseball team.


Author: Jay Lee