Creative and Fun: Using a "Break Out" to Consolidate Learning



Escape rooms are a lot of fun, right? Some educators at Concordia think so, and have been using them to frame and consolidate learning. 

AP Literature & Composition students were locked in the library during one of their final classes before the 2018 AP exam session. Their challenge: work as part of a team to find clues and literary puzzles throughout the library, unlock five different types of locks on a lockbox, and then complete the final challenge locked inside (in this case, the final challenge was to compose a sonnet and a villanelle). 

The competition was fierce and fun, with students racing to complete the challenges in time. B block teams were so close that when the bell rang for lunch, teams continued writing poems, determined to finish ahead of the competing team of peers. 

Check out the video (above) to learn more about this fun learning experience for AP students.