How can we make Shanghai a more sustainable city?


By Angie R., Guanting X., Hannah S., and Kellan H., Concordia Grade 3 students

Grade 3 students offer their opinions - some radical and some practical - on how to make Shanghai work better for people, wildlife, and the planet.


Drawing by Hannah S.


Hannah's idea: How to utilize natural light


Drawing by Guanting X.

Guanting's idea: Living underground


Drawing by Angie R.

Angie's idea: Re-using water

Drawing by Kellan H.

Kellan's idea: Reducing human impact on natural habitats


Every day can be Earth Day!

By Angie R. , Concordia Grade 3 student

Do you know that the Arctic is melting? Sadly, it is true! It's called “global warming,” and it’s bad for lots of things. But we can do something about it such as treating every day like Earth Day.

In our universe, God made one planet for people which is Earth. There are no other planets that we know of like it, so there are no second chances if we mess it up. So EVERYONE needs to be responsible for our planet.

We need to stop global warming so lots of animals including polar bears, wolves, penguins and more do not become extinct. Additionally, our planet wouldn't be so beautiful and amazing anymore. In fact, our planet is DROWNING! I recommend you watch the series called Our Planet on Netflix. It said that in 2023 or something like that, there will only be 5% of the Arctic left. This is a SAD episode that made me cry, and you probably will too. But the good news is we can do something about it.

We can stopping global warming by making better, earth-friendly choices. This is important for the life of our animals, our Earth, and us! So go spread the word and be change in the WORLD!!!