Green Week is coming! Be extra green from April 22-26!


Global Issues Network students participate in a food tasting in advance of Meatless Monday on April 22nd.

Every year, the HS Global Issues Network club organizes Green Week to coincide with Earth Day, and we are excited about this year’s themes! We’re encouraging Concordians to be extra mindful and conscious of practices and actions from April 22 - 26. Let’s continue to work towards sustainable practices at school and at home.

The week’s themes for 2019 look like this:

April 22nd: Meatless Monday 

For MS and HS, all options in the cafeteria this day will be vegetarian, and the GIN students have worked with Aramark to help plan and taste the menu options. There will be some delicious, healthy, protein-rich options on offer that day, including a yummy veggie burger, vegetarian lasagna, quesadillas and more. Did you know that livestock contributes more than 14.5 per cent of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)? In the US, it contributes more than 1/3 of methane emissions, one type of GHG. Avoiding meat for one day a week can be a significant way of making a positive change for our planet.


Yummy vegetarian food options await MS and HS students and teachers at the Concordia cafeteria on Meatless Monday!


April 23rd: Twilight Tuesday 

We will turn off as many lights as we can in the HS building on this day. If you work in another building, try opening your blinds and turning off your lights, too. Electricity consumption is a major way that we use the earth’s precious resources. Twilight Tuesday reminds us to be mindful of the ways in which we can tread more lightly in this area. Our goal is to gather data on how much electricity we save on Twilight Tuesday, so help us keep our energy use as low as possible that day.

April 24th: Wasteless Wednesday 

Have you thought about how much trash you produce on an individual basis each day? Or week? Or month? You can take many steps to produce less waste and life a more green lifestyle. On Wasteless Wednesday, we can all think about adopting more practices from the Zero Waste lifestyle. Click here for suggestions:

April 25th: Tech-Free Thursday 

This day is designed to make us more mindful about energy consumption, but also the choices we make about how we spend our time. Are we mindful of the ways in which we use technology, and does technology always enrich our experiences? Are there other ways we can deepen connections to people and ideas? On Tech-Free Thursday, let’s try to be more conscious about our tech and lifestyle choices. 

April 26th: Free Fibers Friday: 

it’s time for a clothing swap! Donate clothing before April 26th by bringing your clean, gently-used clothes to H429. Then, on Free Fibers Friday, come to H429 after school to see if there are any clothes you’d like for your closet. If we reuse rather than buy new products, we can make a huge impact on the environment. The fashion industry is a major polluter and we can make our carbon footprint a lot smaller by not buying new clothes. That’s the essence of Free Fibers Friday. Check out more here:

Any questions about Green Week? Please contact a HS GIN member.