Amity advocates for human rights

Amity advocates for human rights

Just before Christmas, the GIN Amity group led an impactful Human Rights Week. This GIN group has been working for four years to spread awareness about human trafficking and social justice issues, and this year's campaign was focussed on how conscious consumerism is linked to human rights. 

Activities that were featured during the week of advocacy included:

- an assembly introducing Human Rights Week and child labor

- a Dressember day (Dressember is an annual campaign about human trafficking; learn more at https://www.dressember.org)

- a workshop on modern-day slavery

- a Friday announcement to conclude the week

In hosting these activities, club members raised awareness about the devastating issues of child labor and modern-day slavery and helped high school students understand how being a conscious consumer connects to positive change in these areas. 

Advocacy is a powerful way to create positive, sustainable change in the world, and the GIN Amity members continue to model how and why it is important to understand global issues and respond as active global citizens. 

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