When You're 10 and You've Found Your Purpose



       It isn’t often that a 10-year-old knows their role in life. But, then again, not many kids are like Oliver.

       “I guess I would say my role is to make people’s lives better,” Oliver said recently. “Each person I meet, I try to make their day a little bit better.”

"Each person I meet, I try to make their day a little bit better." Oliver F

It is with this life philosophy that Oliver invented the Lonely Busters Club, a club of volunteers who seek out students experiencing loneliness and offer to play with them. The Lonely Busters, a play on words with Ghost Busters, started this week at Concordia. Oliver and fellow volunteers announced their club at the ES assembly. Through a student-produced video, they hoped to showcase all the fun activities that Lonely Busters would be willing to do on recess so that no kid played alone. Each of the student volunteers wore hand-made buttons on their shirts so students would know who to ask to play.

            Oliver’s mother, Kelly, said that Oliver has always been kind-hearted and people centered. “He just came out that way,” she said. “We didn’t do anything. This is all Oliver.”

            However, Oliver would be quick to compliment his parents. He remembers discussing his original idea with this mom, and she encouraged him to do something about it. He also spends time nightly chatting with his dad, Corley, discussing his goals in life. “It’s great to see Oliver taking an initiative and following through,” Corley said in a recent email. “He is wise beyond his years.”

Promoting the idea: Here's the student-made video to spread the word about "Lonely Busters".

Oliver's original poster just appeared one day on campus.