Student Podcast wins SIMA grand prize

Concordia student Iffany Zou (bottom left, above), who just graduated with the class of 2021, has just been recognized by SIMA classroom for the podcast she created about food waste on campus. Her podcast has won first place in the 2021 SIMA classroom competition!

SIMA classroom is called "the Netflix of social impact education", and the website houses a collection of curated films and short documentaries that explore social issues. The URL is

Iffany created her podcast for her class Global Development Studies, a course focussed on issues of sustainability and change. Inspire Citizens, a wonderful organization committed to global citizenship education, partnered with teacher LeeAnne Lavender to grow the digital storytelling skills of students in the class. At the end of that collaboration, everyone made podcasts, and Iffany chose to focus hers on the school's food waste problem. 

For winning first place, Iffany's podcast will be posted on the SIMA site and on social media. She will receive an annual pass to 200+ curated social impact films as well as a virtual exchange with an impact filmmaker and a $100 cash prize.

Congratulations, Iffany! 

If you missed Iffany's podcast earlier, you can listen to it here: