Livestream Leaders Make the Connections


The phenomenon of “live” TV lives on through “livestreaming.” Meet the students who bring Concordia events to the world.

When Jenny and Emilie decided they would start a student group that would focus on livestreaming, they knew it wouldn't be easy. In a maker movement that can sometimes feel dominated by a male presence, their brand of leadership is open and welcoming. These two dynamic students lead a group that serves others by streaming and capturing live events using multiples cameras and a variety of technical switching gear. The service they provide is valued in a media-rich world that expects up-to-the-minute information. 

Recently, the group rallied to record 18 straight games over 3 days in the Concordia-hosted Asia-Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Boys Soccer Championship. All 18 games were streamed, garnering an impressive 1925 views over the tournament. Players, coaches and families continue to stream the recorded games from the official archives

Meet the minds behind the livestream in this short report: