Dance Team Uses Talent to Support EGRC

by Joyce L and Geoffrey C, 

Grade 12 students & Dance team members 

The Concordia APAC Dance team is back with a new, inspired dance piece and a mission to empower. In an eight minute performance, the dance will feature an array of styles and is aligned with the theme of empowerment because the dancers are committed to serving a greater community this season. In a new service partnership with Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC), The dance team will work to support girls’ education in western rural China.

Through financial and emotional support, Educating Girls of Rural China (EGRC) provides mentorship and training programs that focus on mental health and skill training to bolster future career development. In rural China, gender discrimination remains deeply-rooted and widespread in the education system. Many rural girls are forced to quit school to support their families and marry early, sometimes as young as 16 years old. EGRC’s mission to educate young girls empowers future generations and is fundamental in eradicating poverty once and for all.

The APAC Dance team is partnering with EGRC to fund a high school education for three young women in rural China. The team of dedicated dancers will be selling canvas bags with an original design illustrated by a talented member of the dance team. We are selling each bag for 100 RMB and one hundred percent of the profit will go to EGRC for girls' education. Our goal is to raise 18,000 RMB which will be enough to provide scholarships for three girls to further their education. You can find the canvas bags at the upcoming Concordia’s Christmas Bazaar or directly ask one of the members of APAC Dance Team and support the young dancers in making an impact on the community. Embedded in the article is the official QR code for donations. All funds will go straight to EGRC, ensuring your contributions will be making a difference. 

Through the team’s passion for both dance and service, APAC Dance will strive towards empowering its community, starting with girls’ education. We hope we can equip young girls with the most powerful tool we have - our education - as they take on the world.