Countering Consumerism to Save Our Planet


Maybe you’ve heard about movements like minimalism, zero waste and capsule wardrobes? These are powerful movements spearheaded by people who want to step out of the culture of consumerism that dominates our world. The less we buy, the fewer resources we deplete from our planet and the less waste we produce. From a sustainability perspective, this just makes sense and there is an urgent need for more people to embrace these ideals.

Concordia’s high school Global Development Studies students explore these movements in a culminating unit each year. The students do research and conduct interviews and curate resources, producing web sites and also presentations to their peers to convince others that our personal choices CAN make a difference.

The list of topics the students explore includes:

·      The zero waste movement

·      Minimalism

·      The Tiny House movement

·      Capsule Wardrobes

·      Urban Farming

·      Fair Trade

·      The 100-mile diet

·      Freeganism

Check out this link to see what the students learned, and to discover how you can make personal choices that reduce your impact on the planet: