Books to Inspire Global Citizenship

by LeeAnne Lavender, Service Learning Coach

Are you in need of a good read? The high school Global Development Studies class has some suggestions for you! Not only are these books recommended because they're interesting and relevant; they also tackle important themes related to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and will inspire you to think about global issues in new ways. Maybe you'll even be empowered to make changes to support the SDGs!

Take a look at the posters created by GDS students here, under the mentorship of Concordia teacher Dagne Furth. There are copies of these books available (to borrow) from the GDS classroom. 

First page of the PDF file: chenchungyubrandon_3857_471642_BookDiscussionExtensiondocx-GoogleDocs
First page of the PDF file: CreamBoxBooksPhotoTutorFlyer

First page of the PDF file: DearChangemakers
First page of the PDF file: liangzhaoyuanjoe_LATE_7697_475126_WearetheWeatherbyJonathanSafranFoer-3docx-GoogleDocs
First page of the PDF file: zouyunaeyoyo_5529_471664_YoyoZouGDSRevisedBookReviewdocx-GoogleDocs