A Simple Act That Makes An Impact


by Melissa T., Concordia Applied Journalism

When the clock strikes twelve you feel a low grumble from the pit of your stomach, your body is speaking to you and you know that you are hungry. In that moment, the only thing that matters is food. It is lunchtime. At the end of your meal with your stomach silenced and you in a food coma, it is time to go off to your next class and a plan on how you will stay awake despite your satisfied tummy.

Concordia Middle School student Daniel W. is making an impact
through his act of service. (image: Melissa T., Concordia Applied

The mess that is left afterward, small or large, is often left up to our school Aiyis to take care of. The Concordia middle schoolers saw this trend and decided to enact a service that would make a real difference.


They now help the Ayis by cleaning and wiping down the lunch tables before they head off to their next class.

With the mission to implement a simple act of service that can make someone's day, the eighth-grade teachers sat down and had a meeting about what would be the best thing for a quick act of service but still make an impact.








     Clean sweep: Middle School students have designed a program to
     ensure that each does his or her part. (image: Melissa T., Concordia
     Applied Journalism)

“We wanted the students to take more responsibility, and accountability, for their own eating space,” says Mr. Halula, an eighth-grade teacher who helped develop the program. “This also helps them appreciate the work our school Ayis do each day for us.”

Mr. Halula also states that the middle schoolers were doing an amazing job before, but sometimes needed to be reminded to take care of their eating space. He also suggests that other divisions could be inspired by this model.

While the middle schoolers demonstrate kindness in this tangible way, other members of the community have been given pause to consider the value of even the smallest of actions.