What Brings You Joy?


Out of the Blocks journalist Aaron Henkin Skypes in to Grade 4 to encourage students to find stories all
around them.

Students in Grade 4 are learning how to ask the right questions to elicit a compelling story. Motivation stemmed from a recent Skype interview with Aaron Henkin, one of the creators of the American podcast Out of the Blocks, which features the voices and soundscapes of the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. Aaron encouraged the Grade 4 students to find the stories that are hidden in plain sight.


This week, they landed on a question that worked well: What brings you joy?




The Joy of The Chicken Dance

by Joann J.

The Joy of a Boxed Lunch

by Ellana W.

The Joy of Online Shopping

by Jethro Z.

The Joy of Make Believe

by Grace L.

The Joy of Street Food

by Vivienne T.