A Song of Encouragement and Hope

While the fallout from COVID-19 has elicited a range of responses that span the spectrum from apathy to outrage, there are hopeful voices rising from our midst. One of these voices is that of Concordia student, Rinka K.

With a musical contribution from her brother, Shoyo, Rinka has conceived of, recorded and shared an upbeat and hopeful music video. 

The challenging emotions brought about by the pandemic have been compounded for Rinka and her family with the very recent passing of a dear grandparent.

"By performing this song," she says, "I’d like to send a message of encouragement to everyone around the world that life is a journey we all take, and even during this hectic time, we need to stand up and make the most of it."

Rinka's "At Home Music" is found on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCH7Dw-4Fzk&feature=youtu.be.