Homegrown Game Kiosk is Fueled by Passion


By James Wan, Concordia Applied Journalism


Games, throughout history, have bonded people within a society. They come from a process of development from a group of interested people, only to be shared more broadly with enough interest. In the Concordia community, there is a club of students who are dedicated to creating games for the whole school to play. These students have gamed a lot in their lives and they’re willing to apply what they’ve learned to make creations of their own.


Cyrus H. and three other students clearly enjoy their roles in the SMS Game Development Group. The collaborative team is proud for its amazing work on the games that have been completed so far. In fact, their latest and most functional creations are now shared on a public kiosk PC Café.


Cyrus has had interest and developing games since he was a middle schooler. He also went to camps that focused on computer games and he became invested in making games. Cyrus eventually decided to create the Game Development Group in which students get to learn from each other about the steps to developing a game. “At my first meeting, no one came,” recalls Cyrus. “I was discouraged, but I powered through and the three students who signed up became loyal members… Just try your best, just keep putting your best efforts.”


The game kiosk in the PC Café,
which has been played thousands
of times, was developed by a
Concordia club. (image: James
W., Concordia Applied Journalism)

Despite the low numbers, each member of the had fun with creating and sharing their enthusiasm. One student has shown his pride of the club’s success by creating their first game. “When you finally finish your project, you feel good that you are showing your skills to other people,” he said.  


In this way, the SMS Game Development Group has found a way to repeat the best parts of history. A small group of people have passionately dedicated their time to a hobby and it has found a way to enrich the lives of others in our small society. Through mentorship and collaboration, the group hopes to continue advancing the creation of video games that are fun to play as they build community.