Fresh New Art for 2021 Is On The Way

Feature by Ayian L., Concordia Applied Journalism

In our community, the Concordia spirit is strong. This can be seen in how passionate each of our students are. Our students throw themselves into their music, theatre, sports, and their artwork. From morning to evening every week day musicians can be heard the Rittman, actors may rehearsing in the wings, and the athletes practicing on the pitch. Regardless of time or season, there is one aspect of creativity that never takes a break: it is the artwork of Concordia’s students that is proudly – and constantly – displayed on the walls.

Recently the OASIS-ACE Club have been on the hunt for new pieces to display  – and it’s the disruptions of COVID-19 that may have led them to this initiative. “It’s to bring the community together, says club leader Allison D., “and create pieces that not only represent the community but Shanghai as a whole.”

With the submission deadline just passing, the new year should bring forth some big announcements about the final selections coming to our walls.     

Aiyan L. is a student of Concordia Applied Journalism