An Evening of Music and Fashion with a Purpose

by Elisabeth T., Concordia Applied Journalism

photos by Mr Lavender

The forces of fashion and music have merged their energy in an epic gala evening in support of the Dressember campaign.

The event, held at Concordia on Jan 12th, was envisioned with the goal of spreading awareness about human trafficking. Two accomplished musicians, Justin K. and Henry G. played solo and duet pieces on cello and piano. A fund-raising raffle followed along with a silent auction of Hollywood and sports memorabilia.

The fashion show included two parts. In the first half, student attire drew attention to the serious plight of those in modern-day slave conditions. This was a striking symbol for the audience to realize how real slavery and human trafficking is.



There were models dressed up as beggars, factory workers, child brides and kiln workers - all who are severely effected by human tracking. Connections to authentic accounts were offered by local campaign leaders Mr. and Mrs. Muir.

Finally, Mrs. Furth’s daughter and son walked down the runway as a moving representation of how 40% of all humans trafficked are children. By putting community faces on this ongoing problem, one realizes how real the issue is





On a happier note, the big finale saw students, teachers and parents walked down the runway in dresses and ties to support the cause of Dressember. Each model held an important word - words for everyone to contemplate. Some words were love, respect, purpose and peace.

In her closing remarks, Mrs Muir thanked attendees for supporting the idea that the dress can be an outward symbol of freedom that represents a new way of thinking - a way to stand for the dignity of all people.






I hope you learned some things about modern slavery and my deepest hope is that you will feel a stirring to join or continue in the fight against this.

-Local Dressember Coordinator Jen Muir