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Message from Athletic Director

Home of the Phoenix

Welcome to Concordia International School Shanghai! The Athletic Department seeks to provide a wholistic approach to athletics by focusing on the lifelong lessons that are grounded in Christian values. We believe athletics can be a vehicle to teach courage, self-confidence, commitment, sportsmanship, a growth mindset, teamwork, and leadership. Our athletic programs give our community a focal point for school spirit and pride. Competition brings together students, faculty, staff and families to form the community that is Concordia’s culture. Furthermore, athletic events against association schools allow us to connect with other communities beyond our community.

The school’s commitment to athletics is reflected in our numerous, diverse offerings: 66 teams, across 30 sports, are fielded each year. We are a member school of four activities conferences: Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), Shanghai International School Activities Conference (SISAC), Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), and China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA). Each of these conferences provide our students different experiences. Some offer opportunity for travel countries outside of China, some within China, and other within Shanghai.

All of our students have access to top-notch facilities on campus including four gyms, a FIFA Two-Star soccer pitch, an outdoor track, and tennis courts. Additionally, Concordia has a sports medicine office staffed by a full-time athletic trainer and an impressive weight room for strength and conditioning training. We have also partnered with other local facilities that provide our students access to two fantastic swimming pools, a baseball diamond, and a softball diamond. I hope many families take advantage of Concordia’s vibrant athletics program this year.

Go Phoenix!


Turner Neal

Athletic News

Phoenix Friday, December 14 - Celebrating Women in Athletics
Turner Neal

Come celebrate girls' athletics on Friday, December 14 in the PC Gym with our last Phoenix Friday of the basketball season!

Concordia will be hosting our second Phoenix Friday of the season on Friday, December 14. The JV Girls' team will play at 4:30, while the Varsity Girls' team will play at 5:45 with both teams competing against SMIC. The games will take place in the Ford PC Gym. 

For this Phoenix Friday, we also have an additional theme of celebrating the participation of girls in sports and athletics. There is a significant gender gap when it comes to sport participation, which means girls miss out on many of the benefits that sport participation provides. This includes increased self-confidence, better lifelong fitness and health, more academic success, and developing interpersonal skills such as leadership and teamwork. 

Homestays for Super APAC Girls Basketball
Turner Neal

The Athletic Department is looking for homestays for the Super Girls APAC Basketball tournament from Wednesday, January 23 through Sunday, January 27.

The Athletic Department is looking for host families for the upcoming Super APAC Girls Basketball tournament. The teams will arrive on Wednesday, January 23 and leave on Sunday, January 27. This is a great opportunity to give back to the Concordia community, but also provide a great experience to your family. If you are interested in providing a homestay, please contact Athletic Director Turner Neal for more information. 

APAC/JPAC and SISAC Locations
Turner Neal

Updated tournament locations for Season Two athletics.

Season Two tournaments are right around the corner. There are some changes and announcements in terms of locations. You can find updated standings for the SISAC League here.

SISAC Basketball
D1 Boys & Girls Cup - SAS Pudong
D1 Boys & Girls Plate - NAIS Pudong
D2 Boys Cup - SCIS Hongqiao
D2 Girls Cup - BISS Puxi
D2 Boys & Girls Plate - Suzhou

APAC Athletics
Boys & Girls Swimming - International School of Beijing
Boys & Girls Table Tennis - Western Academy of Beijing
Super Girls Basketball - Concordia International School Shanghai
Super Boys Basketball - Hong Kong International School
JPAC Boys & Girls Basketball - SAS Pudong

Great Wall Shootout 2018 Review
Turner Neal

A review of the Great Wall basketball tournament from our head coaches.

The boys and girls varsity basketball teams traveled to Beijing last weekend to compete in the Tim Callahan Great Wall Shootout. The boys finished 3-2 in group play and finished 4th overall, while the girls went 4-1 in group play and finished 2nd overall. 

A recap from Coach John Furth of the boys' team:
We had a really successful tournament, and came together as a team. After losing the first game, we went down 12 to Seoul Foreign School in the first half of our second game. But, we then played our best half of basketball of the season to get our first victory of the year, buy outscoring SFS by 14 in the 2nd half. On day 2 of the tournament, we played very well in two victories over Sha Tin College, and WAB. Our third day had two very close games in which we came up just short. We finished in 4th place, but also finished as the highest scoring team, with 3 games scoring over 60 points. Our All-Wall representatives were Sam B. and Patrick R., with key contributions from Ryan B., Zhen Y., and Noah B.. Coach Muir and I are really proud of the team and their performance.  

A recap from Coach Brandon Fraseur of the girls' team:
Overall, the girls' team had a very good weekend up in Beijing. The girls played well, made good adjustments, had no major injuries, and played in some tough situations including an incredible last minute comeback against Sha Tin College. The girls then played the home team in a very loud and raucous environment against ISB in the championship game and showed very well. Raine Y. and Hayley H. were our representatives on the All-Wall team.

Great Wall Shootout - READ MORE
Turner Neal

Concordia's basketball teams are participating in the Great Wall Shootout this weekend. A livestream is available for those who want to watch!

Concordia's boys and girls varsity basketball teams traveled to Beijing this week to take part in the Great Wall Shootout. This is an annual basketball tournament that involves two local Beijing teams and four APAC teams including International School of Beijing, Seoul Foreign School, Western Academy Beijing and Concordia. ISB has established a livestream for all games that will be played in Gym 2 on their campus. The schedule is below:

Thursday at 5:00pm
Friday at 6:30pm
Saturday 10:30am

Thursday at 6:30pm
Saturday at 9:00am

Other Events:
3-pt Shooting Competition on Friday at 6:00pm
Free Throw Shooting Competition on Saturday at 11:30am

Concordia by the Numbers

Concordia athletics had 412 participants during the 2015-16 school year across the fall, winter and spring seasons.

Across the three seasons, 30 teams represent Concordia in 11 sports.

As Concordia's sports programs progress more student athletes have the opportunity to pursue their athletic passions at the collegiate level.

Since joining the APAC conference in 2008 Concordia has won 10 APAC championships.

Concordia athletes have won 55 SISAC titles since the beginning of the athletic program in 2002.

All varsity teams compete in the APAC conference, which embodies 12 international schools from five different countries.