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Message from Athletic Director

Home of the Phoenix

Welcome to Concordia International School Shanghai! The Athletic Department seeks to provide a wholistic approach to athletics by focusing on the lifelong lessons that are grounded in Christian values. We believe athletics can be a vehicle to teach courage, self-confidence, commitment, sportsmanship, a growth mindset, teamwork, and leadership. Our athletic programs give our community a focal point for school spirit and pride. Competition brings together students, faculty, staff and families to form the community that is Concordia’s culture. Furthermore, athletic events against association schools allow us to connect with other communities beyond our community.

The school’s commitment to athletics is reflected in our numerous, diverse offerings: 66 teams, across 30 sports, are fielded each year. We are a member school of four activities conferences: Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), Shanghai International School Activities Conference (SISAC), Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), and China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA). Each of these conferences provide our students different experiences. Some offer opportunity for travel countries outside of China, some within China, and other within Shanghai.

All of our students have access to top-notch facilities on campus including four gyms, a FIFA Two-Star soccer pitch, an outdoor track, and tennis courts. Additionally, Concordia has a sports medicine office staffed by a full-time athletic trainer and an impressive weight room for strength and conditioning training. We have also partnered with other local facilities that provide our students access to two fantastic swimming pools, a baseball diamond, and a softball diamond. I hope many families take advantage of Concordia’s vibrant athletics program this year.

Go Phoenix!


Turner Neal

Athletic News

APAC Tennis Opening Ceremony Summary - READ MORE
Turner Neal

Couldn't make it to Thursday's APAC Tennis Opening Ceremony? Here's a quick recap of the event.

Concordia celebrated our first APAC Opening Ceremony of the year on Thursday with a great success! Our guest schools along with our Concordia tennis team were celebrated and the school heard rousing speeches about the importance of friendships, and the importance of supporting each other.

Senior captain Grace X. talked about her time at Concordia and her excitement of hosting APAC Tennis in her senior year. She also shared how her teammates and coaches have positively and permanently impacted her.

She was followed by teacher and cancer survivor Mr. Erik Paulson. He told his story from diagnosis to treatment, and finally his return to Concordia just mere weeks ago. He spoke eloquently about how the messages of love from around the world changed his outlook throughout the process and encouraged students, and families alike to think about those in their lives that they can currently support. 

APAC - Livestreams and Results - READ MORE
Turner Neal

Don't miss any of the action. Here's how to livestream and follow results for all this season's APAC tournaments.

Follow and support our Concordia teams by using the links below! 

APAC Boys Volleyball @ TCIS:



APAC Girls Volleyball @ TCIS:



APAC Baseball @ ISB:



APAC Tennis @ CISS:



APAC Boys Cross-Country @ HKIS:



APAC Girls Cross Country @ HKIS:



JPAC Volleyball @ SAS PD:


APAC Opening Ceremony - READ MORE
Turner Neal

APAC Tennis Opening Ceremony will take place on Thursday at 8:10am in the PC Gym. 

Concordia will host an Opening Ceremony for APAC Tennis on Thursday at 8:10am in the PC Gym. We are excited to celebrate our tennis team, visiting schools, as well as the More Than Aware movement. Students will not only get more information about general wellness, but also listen to a guest speaker talk about their experience surviving cancer.

Turner Neal

Concordia is hosting the APAC Tennis Tournament next week. Learn how you can keep up with the action here!

Concordia will be hosting APAC Tennis next week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, October 18th-20th. The event will take place at Yuanshen Tennis Center. Results will be posted as they come in on the APAC Championships webpage. Come and support our students, or follow us live online! 

Athletics Registration Form - READ MORE
Turner Neal

Registration form added to our website now!

A new athletics registration form has been added to our Athletics>Athletic Teams webpage. A confirmation email will be going out to families tomorrow who registered for Season 2 this past August. If you have not yet registered, please do so today! A link can be found here.

Concordia by the Numbers

Concordia athletics had 412 participants during the 2015-16 school year across the fall, winter and spring seasons.

Across the three seasons, 30 teams represent Concordia in 11 sports.

As Concordia's sports programs progress more student athletes have the opportunity to pursue their athletic passions at the collegiate level.

Since joining the APAC conference in 2008 Concordia has won 10 APAC championships.

Concordia athletes have won 55 SISAC titles since the beginning of the athletic program in 2002.

All varsity teams compete in the APAC conference, which embodies 12 international schools from five different countries.