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AD's Welcome

Message from Athletic Director

Home of the Phoenix

Welcome to Concordia International School Shanghai! The Athletic Department seeks to provide a wholistic approach to athletics by focusing on the lifelong lessons that are grounded in Christian values. We believe athletics can be a vehicle to teach courage, self-confidence, commitment, sportsmanship, a growth mindset, teamwork, and leadership. Our athletic programs give our community a focal point for school spirit and pride. Competition brings together students, faculty, staff and families to form the community that is Concordia’s culture. Furthermore, athletic events against association schools allow us to connect with other communities beyond our community.

The school’s commitment to athletics is reflected in our numerous, diverse offerings: 66 teams, across 30 sports, are fielded each year. We are a member school of four activities conferences: Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), Shanghai International School Activities Conference (SISAC), Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS), and China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA). Each of these conferences provide our students different experiences. Some offer opportunity for travel countries outside of China, some within China, and other within Shanghai.

All of our students have access to top-notch facilities on campus including four gyms, a FIFA Two-Star soccer pitch, an outdoor track, and tennis courts. Additionally, Concordia has a sports medicine office staffed by a full-time athletic trainer and an impressive weight room for strength and conditioning training. We have also partnered with other local facilities that provide our students access to two fantastic swimming pools, a baseball diamond, and a softball diamond. I hope many families take advantage of Concordia’s vibrant athletics program this year.

Go Phoenix!


Turner Neal

Athletic News

Shanghai Cup - Soccer, Badminton, Softball
Turner Neal

Information regarding athletic tournament changes for soccer, badminton, and softball. 

The Shanghai Cup for soccer has been cancelled; however, two additional tournaments have been added. The Girls Softball team will play SAS Pudong and SAS Puxi on Saturday, February 23 at Shanghai Community Sports Club. SAS Puxi will be hosting a badminton tournament on Saturday, February 23 at their campus as well. 

Final schedules have been posted outside of the Athletics Office, and will updated on the Concordia calendar in the upcoming week.

Shanghai Swim League Championships
Turner Neal

The Shanghai Swim League Championships will take place next weekend at SAS Pudong.

SAS Pudong is hosting the Shanghai Swim League Championships on February 23 and 24. On Saturday, the age 11 and overs will be competing while the 10 and under student-athletes will compete on Sunday. Go Phoenix!

Congratulations to the APAC Forensics team!
Turner Neal

An update on APAC Forensics performance this past season.

Concordia has a not so hidden gem in our Forensics team. Forensics is made up of six disciplines including Parliamentary Debate, Solo Acting, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Original Oratory and Oral Interpretation. Concordia has been a historic powerhouse in APAC competition finishing 2nd place for three consecutive years including in 2019.

The performance this past season was highlighted by three 1st place finishes including Catherine Wang in Original Oratory, while Alice Choi and Kyu Won Kim tied for first in Solo Acting. Concordia also had two 2nd place finishes with Alice Choi in Oral Interpretation and the pairing of Jacob Richmond and Catherine Wang in Parliamentary Debate. Finally, Concordia has two 3rd place finishers in Grace Xu in Extemporaneous Speaking and Jacob Richmond finished 3rd as a Debate Speaker. 

Kyu Won Kim and Grace Xu were also semi-finalists in debate, which contributed to Concordia's overall score. Evelin Shi made the finals in both Original Oratory, and Extemporaneous Speaking, and Ashley Wai made the finals in Solo Acting.

The team is led by Ms. Dagne Furth, Mr. Charlie Potter, Ms. Kathleen Mahoney, Ms. Kelly Smith, Mr. Van Taylor, and Mr. Mike Kennedy. 

Congratulations Phoenix Forensics team!

Phoenix Friday - Soccer
Turner Neal

Information about tonight's Phoenix Friday!

Concordia will play host to SAS Pudong on Friday, February 15 in soccer for Phoenix Friday. The Boys JV team will kick-off at 4:00, Girls Varsity at 5:30, and Boys Varsity at 7:00. It could be a chilly and cold night so come prepared!

Celebrating an Undefeated Season - Girls JV Basketball
Turner Neal

The Girls JV Basketball team celebrated an undefeated season!

The JV Girls Basketball team had a special season that requires special recognition. The season had a shaky start as Coach Mark Klar stepped into the role during the week of tryouts. There weren’t enough girls out for the program in the high school, which meant that the team would reach down into the 8th grade to fill out their roster. We want to provide special recognition as they celebrated an undefeated season where they won the SISAC regular season, SISAC tournament, and JPAC tournament. Coach Klar provided the following commentary for the team:

“This year’s JV success was founded on the concept of “TEAM.” These girls played for each other- celebrated the success of each other. When games were close and we weren’t playing particularly well – they pushed each other to find a way to win. Over the course of the season, we experienced all types of games including the beautiful, and easy wins as well as the ugly, hard wins. What I loved about this team was that never gave up. They would push through adversity and there was ALWAYS someone on the team that would rise up and make a big play. This undefeated team really found success because they played for the mentality of playing FOR each other!”

Congratulations Girls JV Basketball!

Concordia by the Numbers

Concordia athletics had 412 participants during the 2015-16 school year across the fall, winter and spring seasons.

Across the three seasons, 30 teams represent Concordia in 11 sports.

As Concordia's sports programs progress more student athletes have the opportunity to pursue their athletic passions at the collegiate level.

Since joining the APAC conference in 2008 Concordia has won 10 APAC championships.

Concordia athletes have won 55 SISAC titles since the beginning of the athletic program in 2002.

All varsity teams compete in the APAC conference, which embodies 12 international schools from five different countries.