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Concordia is a member of the following inter-scholastic associations: APAC (Asia Pacific Activities Conference), SISAC (Shanghai International Schools Activities Conference), CISSA (China International Schools Sports Association) and ACAMIS (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools). Sports teams and fine-arts ensembles participate in these associations throughout the school year. Many events provide outstanding travel experiences; recently, students have visited other cities in China, as well as the following nearby countries: Japan, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam.


High school varsity teams participate in an Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) tournament to conclude each sport season. The opportunity to join forces with and compete against other large international schools throughout the Far East is a highlight for every athlete. Students travel to APAC schools, staying in the homes of students and experiencing the culture of the host country.

APAC is an association of 12 international schools in China, PRC-Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Vietnam, that host 3-day sport tournaments and fine arts festivals in 17 separate co-curricular activities in athletics and fine arts.


Our High School students play against 14 other international schools in the Shanghai International Schools Activities Conference (SISAC). As a founding school of this conference, Concordia has a proud and rich tradition of athletic excellence throughout greater Shanghai. SISAC forms our regular season of play, complete with a North American atmosphere of rivalry and friendly competition with our SISAC siblings. SISAC concludes each of its sports seasons with the “City Championship,” at which Concordia has earned more than its fair share of trophies in the league’s twelve-year history. Concordia’s sports teams meet up to four times a week for games and practices during each season.

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Concordia is a founding member of the China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA). CISSA, created in 2000, is made of 19 international schools in the Shanghai region that take part in athletic events for Middle School teams. CISSA is built upon a participatory philosophy, giving every interested Middle School student the opportunity to play on a school sport team. Seasons are 6-8 weeks long with one game and one practice per week.


Concordia is also one of the original six schools that formed the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) sports league. Today 34 of ACAMIS’ 50 member schools participate in co-curricular events for High School and Middle School Students. Concordia participates in a selection of ACAMIS events annually.

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