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New Student Enrollment

The following requirements need to be met before your new student’s first day of school.

Required Documents

Government Mandated Documents

A clear hard copy or electronic copy of the following documents must be on record with Concordia by the first day of school.

  • Passports for each child enrolled and both mother and father — information and visa pages
  • Parent’s current work permit — may need to obtain a copy from work place
  • Student's Birth Certificate
  • Other documents required by SHMEC

Health Forms

New students are required to submit the following completed and signed Health Forms prior to the student’s first day of class:

Submit the Medical Form 1 & 2 to Concordia via: Medical Forms Upload

Math Placement

All students entering Grade 6 through Grade 12 will be required to take a Math Placement Test. The test will be offered at the New Student Orientation day in August and on an individual basis for those students enrolling during the school year.

Uniform Policy

All Grade K through Grade 12 students are required to wear a school uniform. Please review the Uniform Policy for guidelines and purchase information.

Technology Requirements

Students entering Grade 6 through Grade 12 are required to have their own laptop computer for dedicated usage at school. See the Concordia Laptop Program web page for details on specifications.

Students entering Grade 9 through Grade 12 are required to have their own TI-Nspire CX CAS handheld graphing calculator for use in Math and Science classes. See Calculator Requirement for details.

PS Packing List

Downloadable Documents