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By the Numbers

The best international schools in the world are in Asia, as determined by achievement on content-based external assessments–and Concordia consistently ranks among the top.
Results compiled from published international school profiles

Concordia and our sister school Hong Kong International School, together with Singapore American School, make up what we call the 'Big Three' American curriculum schools in Asia. Why the 'Big Three'? Based on published results of content-based assessments like AP subject exams and SAT 2 subject tests, each of these three schools produce students who consistently perform well above their international school peers and on par or above students from the best United States boarding schools.

Take a walk-through of the 2018-2019 High School Profile. It’s unmistakable—what you see is truly what you get!

Creating Stability

39% of high school teachers have renewed their employment contract three or more times creating stability in a mobile environment.

Enriched by Our Diversity

32 nations are represented by the 2018-2019 Concordia student body.

While the numbers are impressive, those are just the outcomes; what makes Concordia special is our holistic approach to education that addresses the whole child within an incredible community founded on shared values. Concordia’s success is built upon our ability to offer best-in-class curriculum that is responsive to the needs of our students and not mandated from external sources such as IB or College Board. Our passionate and talented teachers create and deliver authentic learning experiences and programs that engage students and impact their lives forever. Dare to compare our school on scores, longevity of teaching staff and pioneering programs and what you will find is that life success starts with Concordia.