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Road to College

You don't journey alone on the road to college. Whether you are studying for college entrance exams, taking finals, or writing college essays, your community of classmates, teachers, and counselors walk with you as you prepare.

Concordia International School Shanghai Road to College

University Acceptances Worldwide

The interactive map below shows where our Class of 2018 graduates are headed. To see where Concordia graduates from previous years have matriculated, visit our By the Numbers page.

Featured Graduate Stories

Finding a college that best matches a student's abilities, interests and ambitions requires self-reflection and a consideration of the location, academics and the culture of potential schools. Here a few Concordia graduates share how they found their best-fit schools.
Vivian, Class of '19--Rice University

I am very excited to be attending Rice University in Houston, Texas! A huge factor in my decision was physically being on campus and meeting people there. Rice just felt like home. The emphasis of “unconventional wisdom”, their motto, is something I really value about the school. Not to mention that Rice has an amazing engineering program, beautiful warm weather and a strong sense of community.

Kyuwon, Class of '19--University of Pennsylvania

I was accepted Early Decision to the University of Pennsylvania. I applied for the Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business, a dual degree program between the Wharton School and the College of Arts and Science; this means that I will graduate with a BS in Economics and a BA in International Studies.

Garrett, Class of '19--Colorado School of Mines

I am planning on attending Colorado School of Mines. When I started looking at what universities I wanted to apply to, I looked for schools that had a strong engineering program and had a competitive baseball team that I could be a part of. School of Mines fit both of these conditions perfectly.

Peyton, Class of '19--School of the Arts Institute Chicago

I will be attending School of the Arts Institute Chicago. The main factors that led me to decide were the program and the location. I really liked how their program was set up in how it allowed for very well rounded education in arts which spread beyond just graphic design.

Jonathan, Class of '19--Art Center College of Design

Since middle school Jonathan’s childhood dream is to become a car designer. Throughout his academic career at Concordia he was able to take fine arts and applied learning courses that helped him develop his skills and further his interest. He now on his way to pursue his life-long passion in designing cars at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. 

Elisabeth, Class of '19--RISD

I am planning to attend RISD, Rhode Island School of Design.  I chose this school because its program for industrial design is one of the best and that made me want to try and apply. Another reason to why I chose this school was because many Concordia Alumni have also applied and went. Yukine and Sarah, Concordia Alumni, have all said good things about it and I think that has had some influence on me.

Chloe, Class of '19--Northwestern University

I will be attending Northwestern University. I really loved the campus when I visited. Additionally, since I'm not completely set on a major, I love the interdisciplinary aspect of the curriculum, as well as the flexibility in course selection.

Kendra, Class of '18--Oakland University

I am going to be attending Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. The campus is in a beautiful natural setting but it’s close to four larger cities, and it has strong relationships with global corporations, which I hope will benefit my career options.

Harper, Class of '18-- St. Olaf College

I chose St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota because I was looking for a strong community, similar to the one I am a part of at Concordia, where I would have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of academic and artistic interests.

Taylor, Class of '18- Yale University

I am planning to attend Yale University next year. A large factor in my decision to enroll at Yale is the fact that they have the top humanities program in the United States, which is my current major/career interest. Also, when I visited the campus last summer, the school just seemed to fit me.

Elijah, Class of '18--Harvard University

I am very excited to study computer science as part of Harvard's class of '22! The main reason I chose Harvard was because of the institution's awareness of the role of technology in the evolution and development of society.

Angela, Class of '18--Wellesley College

I knew I wanted to attend a small liberal arts college where there is an abundance of resources and faculty support, just like Concordia’s small community and the accessible research & extracurricular opportunities. For that reason, I will be attending Wellesley College in the fall.