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Educational Travel

Going on the Sichuan Expedition challenged me to achieve more than I thought was physically possible. I had to rely on the other students in my TrIBES when I felt like I couldn't keep going. And to top it all off we got to enjoy the beautiful vistas of mountainous China together.

2016 Sichuan Expedition team member

While living, working and studying in a foreign country admittedly has its share of challenges, Concordia students are truly blessed to be spending a part of their formative school years in China—a country teeming with both history and modern day adventure and where the culture is unique and awe-inspiring. For students seeking opportunities to serve and lead, China is a place where they can have an impact. Concordia has purposefully designed its educational travel program for students to grow through intimate experiences and improved understanding of their host country. Unique opportunities are offered in each division.

Shanghai Experiences

Elementary School Students explore Shanghai through day trips.

Middle School Trips

Students embark on exciting and engaging trips to four of China's most historic and scenic areas.

High School TrIBES

TrIBES courses are diverse and include community service, cultural studies, and outdoor adventure.